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Commerce Kitchen is an integrated web and mobile app consultancy that began in 2003. Our skilled developers and consultants develop database optimization strategies, architect high-performance web-based software and offer ongoing technical support and maintenance.

Programming and IT

Programming + IT

From Prototypes to Scalable, Enterprise Web and Mobile Apps

Our senior engineers use test-driven development to build flexible, adaptable apps. However, great programming can't happen in a vacuum. Our programming teams are supported by robust DevOps and IT to create seamless end-to-end apps, all built for high-security industries including healthcare, retail eCommerce and financial services.

Market Validation

Market Validation

Ongoing Validation Keeps Your Long-Term Costs Down

We bring Lean Startup practices to your project, helping you to Build, Measure and Learn. All the while our product and market validation team conducts custom research and deploys qualitative programs to identify the technology approach that will bring your organization the most value.

UX Design

UX + Design

Qualitative, Data-Driven User Experience and Responsive Web Design

Good design impresses your customers and users. Good UX gets them where they need to go quickly and keeps them coming back. Together they mean more value and revenue for your organization. We customize design and user experience strategies based on qualitative feedback from your users to meet your unique organizational needs.



API-Driven, Adaptable and Flexible Enterprise Resource Planning

We move beyond the rigid ERP solutions of the past. Today's ERPs are API-driven, test-driven and multi-threaded to give you options to evolve and adapt as your organization's pace of change accelerates.

Tools + Technology

Success starts with the raw talent and problem-solving potential of our amazing team. However, it ends with the tools we use to deploy our solutions, which are robust and vast. We build apps for scalability, speed to market and adaptability over time.

Frameworks + Languages

Our software engineers use Ruby on Rails, PHP, Magento, HTML5, jQuery, ember.js, iOS, and more to develop user-friendly, responsive web and mobile apps to meet your unique business needs.

Backend Architecture

Our DevOps, IT and database teams use Puppet and Vagrant to architect scalable web applications and accelerate development, creating cohesive, flexible solutions for your business.

Ongoing Analysis

Our teams are Google Analytics and Magento certified, and use tools such as Optimizely and Crazy Egg to test UX strategies, and plan iterative changes on our clients' websites.

Why Commerce Kitchen

Commerce Kitchen's interdisciplinary team develops complex web and mobile apps through an integrated approach to application planning, database optimization, and technical support. We work collaboratively, architecting apps quickly, improving them through iterations, and integrating them with your existing applications. The diverse technological expertise of our team helps your project succeed on all levels.

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