Superhero Profile: Leslie "The Fire Siren" James

Leslie James

I’d like to introduce Leslie James, one of our newer superheroes. In this post, Leslie introduces herself and reveals some of the lessons she’s learned since starting at Commerce Kitchen.

Ladies and gents, it certainly has been a whirlwind month and a half. After being tried, tested and finally initiated into the Commerce Kitchen family of stellar superheroes, I have a few nuggets of wisdom that maybe I knew all along but needed to be reminded of, and a couple completely new ideas.

  1. Buy a standing desk already: As in go to Amazon (or Ikea…if that’s your thing) right now. Better posture. Better stamina. More creativity. And hopefully smaller waistline (fingers crossed on that one…) And no, I don’t want to hear if my waistline isn’t smaller…lie to me.
  2. Ask lots of questions and try things yourself: You’re never going to learn if you don’t speak up when you are confused or make a few mistakes along the way. WordPress? Got it. Wufoo? Getting there. FTP sites? Locked down our entire internal network on my first attempt to insert analytics code in the header. Embarrassed? Yes, but I won’t make that mistake again. I’m learning, increasing my skill set and thinking about client projects in new ways. Here’s to hoping that the learning never stops.
  3. Don’t be offended when your coworkers have no idea what you’re talking about:While I speak brand, marketing strategy and analytics (work in progress) and *GASP* I talk on the phone, many of my coworkers speak SEO, Ruby, hosting and UX testing and use G Chat exclusively.

    Together we’re an unstoppable force, but sometimes the content of our communication and our communication styles have left us scratching our heads and giving each other blank stares. It’s okay. Just as your coworkers are educating you, you have the potential to educate them. My favorite line thus far came from one of our IT partners when we were talking about branding our building using logos: “That’s not a bug, it’s a bird.”

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  5. Collaborate: One of things I was most nervous about before coming to CK was that my desk was in a room with 5+ other people. See, I’d been spoiled with a 16th floor office that had a door and was relatively soundproof. But, funny enough, I don’t miss my office. In a world of scrum project management, ongoing and frequent communication with all players is key. And although 3-hour long whiteboard sessions have sometimes messed with my routine, they’ve kept us on our toes and thinking critically about our clients’ businesses and our own.
  6. Have fun!: If our kickass superheroes weren’t testament enough to the fun, dynamic team that is Commerce Kitchen, we’re going to tell the whole wide world. With window graphics. Lots of them. Oh and maybe a slide with a foam pit that deposits you right near the company ping pong table and the life-size Star Wars decals. And while you may think this is all fun and games, you’d be wrong. We’re reminding ourselves, our clients and our community about who we are, what we offer and what we hope to contribute to the world. We’re taking time out of the day for short bursts of crazy so we can dial in and be better at our work.

    You owe it to yourself. Be bold. Be better. Think more. Work harder. Play harder.

    Be a superhero.

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