“I Attended Denver Startup Week. Now What?”

By Jen Martinez
September 26, 2014

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Denver Startup Week has come and gone. It was a long, fun week filled with informative sessions and alcohol-rich social events. Now that it’s over, what are we supposed to do? Yes, getting back to our normal lives has been a huge relief, but if you’re still looking . . .

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Denver Does NOT Get 300 Days of Sunshine.

By Chad Lundgren
September 23, 2014

Lies, Damned Lies, and Days of Sunshine In damn near every tourist article about Denver, the tired old stat of “Denver gets 300 days of sunshine” gets trotted out. It is sometimes qualified with “almost”, but not nearly often enough. There’s just one problem. It’s not true. Denver has pretty nice weather and does get . . .

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20 Definite Signs You Attended Denver Startup Week

By Jen Martinez
September 19, 2014

Dearest Denver Startup Week, I love you, but I think it’s time we spent some time apart. You know, maybe a year from now, I’ll probably feel differently, and I’ll be ready for you. It’s not you, it’s me. We had a whirlwind romance, but I just need some time to reflect on our relationship. I . . .

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Lorem Ipsum: Why You Shouldn’t Use it, But Sometimes Should

By Casey Doran

Like many of you, at various companies and on numerous teams, I’ve experimented with methods of presenting design comps to clients. In an ideal world, we would stop using dummy content, and design with the actual point in mind: the content. It’s illogical to create a look and feel (particularly messaging and callouts), when we don’t know . . .

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Bad clients? Buck up, buttercup.

By Leslie James
September 12, 2014
Boy with steam in his ears after dealing with bad clients

Our community engagement associate (and rockstar social media manager) Jen keeps a fabulous list of blog topics to help direct Commerce Kitchen’s content strategy. Been to a great conference recently? She’ll encourage you to write about that. Learn a new dev skill? Tell the world. For this week, I was coming up dry. But given . . .

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