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Education in Tech: Why a Piece of Paper Doesn’t Really Mean Anything

By Eric Hainer

I live in a very interesting world filled with very educated individuals. Clearly, I’m in the tech industry. Most of my co-workers – past and present – have degrees, diplomas, certifications, etc. For the longest time, that actually really irked me because I have no formal education in web development – or anything else in that area for…

What Buffy Taught Me About Being a Young Woman in Tech

By Jen Martinez
December 15, 2014

There are certain leading ladies from pop culture and history who will always occupy that special place in my heart reserved for strong, intelligent, independent women who know how to kick some ass (figuratively or literally). Britain’s Queen Victoria, Disney’s Pocahontas, and Meryl Streep in basically everything she does are just a few of the ladies I’ve loved….

Parenthood and Prioritization

By Leslie James
December 2, 2014

At countless conferences in the past, I’ve heard women in executive leadership positions discuss how motherhood forced them to fundamentally reassess their careers and their individual management styles. Delegate more. Trust your team. Ask for help. Find balance. While all of those maxims ring true to a certain extent, for me, the biggest challenge of being…

Wedgies, and 4 Other Things I Can't Live Without Right Now

By Jen Martinez

Things have been changing here at Commerce Kitchen, and, consequently, my role has shifted as well. Like any lean, agile startup, we’ve been working on being more efficient. Getting there, however, has been a journey worthy of a fellowship carrying a shiny, precious little ring. That journey, however, has been greatly improved by the discovery of specific tools…

Giving Marketing and WordPress a New Why

By Leslie James
October 28, 2014

At Commerce Kitchen, we’ve been blessed to wear a lot of hats, and assemble a diverse team of talent — from brand strategists and social media managers to full stack developers and triple Magento-certified experts, we have them all. But as our business has grown and we’ve solicited feedback from our clients, vendors, and prospects,…

Mine is 6 Terrabytes. How Big is Yours?

By Russ Schissler
October 9, 2014

What exactly is Big Data anyway? According to the internet, Big Data is: Any collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using traditional data processing applications. Any amount of data that’s too big to be handled by one computer. An easily scalable system of unstructured data with accompanying…

New Award, New Location

By Leslie James

The last few weeks at the firehouse have been kind of nuts, but in a good way! CWCC Small Company of the Year On September 25th, we were honored and humbled to have received the Colorado Women’s Chamber Small Company of the Year Award for 2014. The award “recognizes a company that creates a workplace…