T-18 Days Until Denver Startup Week

By Leslie James
August 28, 2014

I cannot believe it’s almost September! Where has this summer gone!? But with fall rapidly approaching come some of my favorite things — college football, cooler weather and Denver Startup Week! Over the last two years Denver Startup Week has rapidly grown in scope, with 100+ events spanning areas such as business, manufacturing, design and . . .

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Compelling Calls to Action

By Leslie James

You’ve decided to build a new website. You’ve set aside your budget dollars. You’ve hired a smart team. You’ve corralled internal resources. You’ve planned out the architecture. And you’ve seen the mockups for your site. You are excited, and already prepping for how to iterate your brand. But after the design and development are done, weeks . . .

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National Unsubscribe Day

By Natalie Winslow
August 18, 2014

I hereby declare Monday, August 18th, which also happens to be my birthday, Unsubscribe Day. Every day my inbox is freshly filled with newsletters I don’t read, updates I don’t care about, and offers I don’t even want. Instead of unsubscribing I usually delete these emails, but sometimes I let them build up, creating a wobbling . . .

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Join Us: Clash of the Cocktails is Back!

By Jen Martinez
August 15, 2014

Back in January, our Firehouse hosted one of Built-In Colorado‘s Built-In Brews events. As the overachievers that we are, we didn’t want this to be some run-of-the-mill Built-In Brews. No, sir. We tacked on something extra: a battle between alcoholic drinks. Sounds awesome, right? It was. Two file format cocktails – .HTML and .PNG – . . .

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