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Is the Résumé Still Relevant?

By Jackson Stevens
June 29, 2015

My résumé did not lead me to my current position at Commerce Kitchen. In reality, my résumé has done nothing for me. Two years ago, I envisioned a game plan to transition from arts nonprofit fundraising to tech for-profit business development. My hunch at the time was that in order for me to successfully land…

An Agile Approach to Learning: Part 2

By Corey Davis
May 18, 2015

A New School Model: Architecture for the future of now Last time, I spoke to the shortcomings of current education as I see them. I briefly discussed a landscape of ideas for a new system, one that changes the paradigms. Adding dimension to the learning experience through a culture of mentorship, professional practice, and agility….

Circadian Rhythms

By Russ Schissler
May 8, 2015

What is improvisation? The question likely provokes several answers with varying degrees of detail. Most initial responses will likely center around some version of music, be it jazz, JS Bach, Mozart, or many current professionals. Actors and comedians will probably have a strong showing also. Note, they’re all performers. But is improvisation really a talent…

An Agile Approach to Learning: Part 1

By Corey Davis
April 13, 2015

My intention here is to develop a description of my perspectives; one based on a marriage of my knowledge and experience in education, the other rooted in my passion for (and ideas on) technology. Over time, I have developed a unique understanding of our current position as a race and culture in America and how it…

The Joys of Working Parents

By Leslie James
March 25, 2015

After a couple months of maternity leave, I cautiously dipped my toes back into the working world at Commerce Kitchen earlier this month… Who am I kidding?! I let our my war cry and sprinted back to the office as fast as my feet could take me. Even though my daughter had only been waking up…

Building a Culture of Assistance

By Jen Martinez
February 24, 2015

Business is hard. It’s tough to build, tough to maintain, and tough to grow. And none of us can go it alone. This week, I saw some old friends, caught up with recent acquaintances, and made new connections. While I was spending time with all of these fantastic folks, I realized that I was hearing similar…

Employee Handbook Hilarity, and Other Lessons on Culture

By Jen Martinez
February 4, 2015

I recently rewrote the Commerce Kitchen employee handbook. It took a lot of research, many discussions with our company leadership and staff, and nearly a dozen separate writing sessions to finish it. Even after two years of working here, I still have much to learn about our business and people. Just like any organization, Commerce Kitchen…