SEO Audit

Our one-time SEO audit is designed to uncover and illuminate your strengths and weaknesses online. We go into great detail about how your site is performing in search, based on both onsite and offsite factors.

These include:

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  • Site architecture
  • Analytics
  • Keyword optimization
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  • Site content
  • Inbound links
  • Rankings
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  • Online branding
  • Reputation
  • Local search listings
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  • Business review sites
  • Social media
  • SEO analysis of your competitors
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We will present the results of our audit to you as an electronic document that includes a thorough analysis of our findings in each of the above areas. We will then divide our findings into three categories:

  1. Urgent Action Items: these are SEO tasks that require immediate attention
  2. Items of Concern: while not as critical as the Urgent Action Items, these should be dealt with sooner rather than later
  3. Lower-Priority Tasks: these tasks are often ongoing SEO efforts that will make your site stronger in search, but that have little to do with any current penalty you may be experiencing

What you do with the audit is up to you! You may feel confident in making some of these changes in-house. Other changes require extensive technical expertise.

Commerce Kitchen is happy to provide our one-time SEO audit clients with a discount on a website rebuild, if your infrastructure problems are such that your site requires a transfer into a more SEO-friendly platform.

Or, if you hire Commerce Kitchen under our Jet Pack or Rocket Ship Internet marketing retainers, we will apply the entire cost of your one-time SEO audit toward our services.

Contact Tynan to get more details and to schedule a one-time SEO audit!

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