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From beneath you, it devours. It's funny how the Earth never opens up and swallows you when you want it to. Stay away from hyena people, or any loser athletes, or if you see anyone who's invisible. It's about power and it's about women and you just hate those two words in the same sentence, don't you? Y'all see the man hanging out of the spaceship with the really big gun? Eyeballs to entrails, my sweet. Men, with your sales.

And I understand with perfect clarity exactly what you are. She's a truck-driving magic mama! What gives you the right to suck face with your demon lover again? My egg is Jewish. I knew you were lying. Undead liar guy. I mean, don't get me wrong, I heart my porn, but this is cool! Now I'm just a big, fluffy puppy with bad teeth. Love keeps her in the air when she ought to fall down. Stay with me. Forever. That's the whole point. See if you were really a witch, you'd do a spell to escape.

Looking in windows, knocking on doors. I gave birth to a pterodactyl. I'm the one who brings about the thought-pocalypse. Sweetie, if he had a tussle with that Sasquatch, we'd be in the dirt right about now, scooping up the Captain's teeth. Someone else's loss is my chocolatey goodness. Xander, that's not the North Star, it's an airplane. Instead you go all Dumbledore on me. How did you find me here? Anything for you, because I love you. Deep, deep man love.

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