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Empower your organization to build and deploy transformational web & mobile applications. 



Agility and healthcare are two words not typically found in the same sentence. Commerce Kitchen is changing that by building a better bridge between healthcare and technology, focusing on interoperability, agile transformation, and continuous improvement.


We build web and mobile applications and connect disparate systems. We partner with our clients to introduce those new technologies to their organization at a measured and steady pace. From Kano to Analytics review, our team is customer-first and data-driven.


An important technology initiative is only as successful as its ability to evolve overtime and continue to be relevant. Our technology roadmaps build in long-term sustainability strategies to create maximum long-term impact, and create the best use of funds to drive change.

How to Successfully Use AWS for Healthcare

There is a lot of confusion around using Amazon Web Services (AWS) for healthcare technology infrastructure. We constantly hear questions like, “Is it possible to get a business associate agreement (BAA) with AWS?” or, “Doesn’t AWS HIPAA Compliant services cost $1,500...
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New Frontiers of Agile: Augmented Scrum

*This post assumes the reader has a basic understanding of the Agile and Scrum principles and frameworks. We at Commerce Kitchen are big fans of Agile Software Development and Scrum. Over half of our team consists of certified ScrumMasters or Scrum Product Owners, and...
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Hello, World: Thoughts on Company Goals, Infrastructure, and Leadership

The phrase “Hello World” has been in widespread use throughout computer programming circles since 1973. Eventually, it would become the phrase that all beginning programmers would first learn to output when they were learning a new programming language. In the modern...
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Our Unique Place in Healthcare

Over our thirteen-year history, Commerce Kitchen has designed, built, and supported business intelligence and clinical/EHR analytics engines for medical groups such as the Emergency Physicians of Porter Hospital, built public-facing technology platforms for...
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Commerce Kitchen Wins Best Places to Work, Colorado Companies to Watch

Commerce Kitchen is growing and evolving. We’ve experienced quite a few changes in the past year, and we couldn’t be more excited about where we’re headed this year and beyond. Apparently, there are other folks that agree with us. We have some...
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5 Essential Skills Any Web Developer Should Have

The full landscape of web development skills can be overwhelming, especially for new web developers.  If we distill all of this knowledge into five essential skills that are needed to be a professional web developer, regardless of your framework and toolset of choice,...
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