I’m 4-for-4 with Built-In Brews right now. So when I say that last night’s event at iTriage was an experience in and of itself, I mean it. These are some things that went through my mind during my time at iTriage last night.

1. Cool building. Kinda swanky. I wonder if it has any historical significance. Oh look! Check-in!

2. Wow, that was a really long elevator trip. They’re only on the 5th floor, right? Maybe it felt so long because of the annoying man getting off at the 3rd floor that wanted to make awkward conversation.

3. Finally, we’re here. Okay, what’s happening?

4. I’m confused. Why do I have two directions to choose from?

Photo: 23rdstudios

Photo: 23rdstudios

5. Do I want pizza or do I want beer? Decisions, decisions.

6. Beer it is. Oh man. They have kegs. Like in college.

7. I hate pouring from kegs. I always feel like an amateur.


9. Don’t panic. You’ll just come back later after the foam goes down.

10. Looks like the iTriage peeps have matching t-shirts.

11. Their t-shirts match their hats.

12. And the cups.

13. Jeez, iTriage is fancy. Using an oscillator to measure how much beer is left in the kegerator.

14. Root beer floats?! That’s awesome.

itriage 2

Photo: 23rdstudios

15. Too bad I’m lactose intolerant. A root beer float sounds really delicious right now.

16. I recognize that girl from the gSchool website.

17. I need to get away from the beer. There’s a lot of body heat around me right now.

18. That’s cool that they’re playing movies on their TVs.

19. Wow, I haven’t seem Dumb and Dumber in years.

20. Ah, that’s where the pizza is. I’m starving.

21. Everywhere I look I see someone in an iTriage shirt. I think there’s more of them than there are of us. 

22. A photo booth! I wonder if they got the idea from Quick Left’s Built-In Brews.

itriage 3

Photo: 23rdstudios

23. Oh wait, I’m back by the elevators. How did I get here?

24. IT’S A CIRCLE. I finally get it.

25. Back at the beer. Time to get some more, now that my beer has de-foamed itself.

26. Man, it’s STILL foamy!

27. Uh oh, I think I over-poured. Time to eat/drink this foam mountain.

28. Why is it so hot in here?!

29. Can’t they open a window or something?

30. Do they have A/C? Someone should turn on the A/C. Otherwise I might pass out.


33. A fire alarm? Really? I’m not even done with my beer!

34. Is this a drill?

35. Are we actually evacuating the building?

36. If we’re evacuating, then I’m taking my beer with me.

35. So many stairs. I forgot we were on the 5th floor.

firetruck36. I’m glad no one is taking this too seriously, since all 200 of us are standing on this patio.

37. Hey, look! Firemen!

38. I’m so glad I still have my beer.

39. I wonder which one of us pulled the alarm.

40. Aw, the firemen are leaving. Bye, firemen!

41. Should I go back up there? It’s five flights of stairs.

42. My ears are still ringing from that deafening alarm.

43. Eh, I still have my beer. I’ll hang out outside for a while since it’s so nice down here.

44. I don’t really want this plastic iTriage cup, but I guess I’ll take it with me anyways.

45. Where’s the nearest bar?