Over our thirteen-year history, Commerce Kitchen has designed, built, and supported business intelligence and clinical/EHR analytics engines for medical groups such as the Emergency Physicians of Porter Hospital, built public-facing technology platforms for DaVita’s EHR division and Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers, and engineered cutting-edge expert systems for fast-growth claims management companies.

healthcare technologyMore recently, in the months following our participation at the Denver Flip the Clinic Summit, Commerce Kitchen has partnered with Innosphere’s digital health arm, BoomTown Health Tech Accelerator, as well as Techstars companies to move the needle in interoperability, with a focus on the implementation of the Health Level 7’s new data standard, FHIR.

But what place does a dev studio like Commerce Kitchen have in the future of healthcare?

This past January, HL7 CEO Dr. Charles Jaffe commented in an interview that “HL7’s FHIR utilizes the same authentication process and technology as well as the same security profile as Internet commerce.”

Commerce Kitchen (as our name might imply) has a proven track record of architecting impactful eCommerce applications. Our bread and butter has always been developing robust, highly secure web applications leveraging open source tools and modern Internet protocols.

Health IT innovators are now seeking to harness the power of these same tools and protocols for the sake of interoperability. As it turns out, FHIR was accidentally created by a curious repurposing of an open source API for healthcare!

More and more, digital health entrepreneurs need development solutions that marry the open source tools and Internet protocols to HIPAA compliance and HL7 architecture conformance. While we see digital health startups assembling in-house teams, the results are typically less than favorable. This is usually attributed to the fact that many developers don’t fully comprehend the complexities of HIPAA. Additionally, few digital health startup founders have experience in agile project management as it relates to development teams. Bottom line: Things can quickly go south.

Commerce Kitchen’s mission is to build a better bridge between healthcare and technology. As fate would have it, we are in the unique position to realize this calling due to our eCommerce background and portfolio, and we will continue to act as the support structure for digital health entrepreneurs to connect with healthcare system innovators. We are masters in building scalable, HIPAA-compliant software in a fast and lean approach, and we love doing it for the sake of bettering healthcare for everyone.