"I'm literally the face of Agile!"

“I’m literally the face of Agile!”

If you happen to visit the consultancy home page, Agile For All (as of 07-08-2016), to learn more about Agile and Scrum, you’ll be welcomed by a hairy face that belongs to me. I’m a Scrum Master who was taught by a few of their incredibly smart and talented coaches. I contribute much of my understanding of Agile and Scrum to them and their network of resources.

I look pretty intimidating with my fierce concentration and focused appearance. Doesn’t this look like someone who is being Agile and helping to create a humanizing workplace? It’s no wonder they decided to put me on the cover!

All joking aside, gaining the confidence I have now and you might see in the picture above, didn’t happen over night. It’s amusing to me to view this image, because I remember it’s when I was still learning how to be a scrum master and working hard to not be mechanical. When this picture was taken, I was attending the Humanizing Work Conference. My appearance of intensity is a result of my deep concentration trying to remember and absorb all the teachings and tools I was being exposed to. I was not only understanding Agile and the framework I teach and coach better, but I was starting to become it.

This will be my second year to attend and it looks like the programs will be great! Some of the programs I look forward to attend are ‘An Introduction to The Leadership Circle’, ‘Intro to Feature Mining’, ‘Whole Team Problem Solving’, and ‘Better Results Through Neuroscience’. It’s exciting for me to learn more about Agile leadership and coach to empower the team. And at this conference, I’ll get to bring my experience and share war stories with others as I network and learn from others and their experiences.